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Session 3: Saturday, June 2nd: 2:00 - 3:50pm
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The Sum, Sum II, The Sum Stratagem, A Theory of Everything & A Republic of the Heart
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The 2018 SUM STRATAGEM Vis an integral approach to art, activism and fundamental social change through a Nonviolent General Strike of social, political and economic noncooperation that the recent school teachers strikes in West Virginia, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Colorado and Arizona have shown the way by demonstrating its effectiveness to a new generation of activists. It would begin on Monday, November 5, 2018 (right after the weekend of the November 3-4, Million Mask March to Washington D.C., and one day before the November 6th U.S. Congressional elections). This would be made possible by the Metamodernists (Integral Neo-Transcendentalists) unifying the 80 million New Progressives in America during a Cultural Creatives’ Convergence of the recent emergence of multiple movements like: 1) “Pencils Down” Wildcat Teachers’ Strikes, 2) Never Again Movement (NAM), 3) the DACA Immigrant Rights/Sanctuary Movement, 4) the Women’s March (MeToo/Times Up) Movement, 5) The Resistance Movement, 6) The Anti-Fascist Movement (ANTIFA), 7) Black Lives Matter (BLM) Movement, 8) Community Rights Movement (CRM), 9) Moral Revival Mondays Movement and 10) the new Poor People’s Campaign derived from the 50th Anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King’s shift from civil rights to the Economic Justice Movement begun in 1968. All leading many of us to conclude—the Rebels are on the Rise and the Establishment is on the Ropes!
Much like the solar eclipse that Nat Turner’s supposedly saw as sign to commence the 1831 slave revolt in Virginia during August, so it began with Zevin Cruz’s witnessing the communal experience of the “2017 Great American Eclipse,” on August 21st that led to the announcement to create a “Community Convergence Institute (CCI)” to depolarize the nation. Months later Cruz’s unveiling of the 2018 SUM STRATAGEM V coincided with the Dec 29, 2017 to January 1, 2018, Integral “What Now?” Confer-ence in Denver, Colorado. Over the next six months work with the stakeholders and supporters of current social movements to unite most political third parties to form a “Grand Unified Alliance (GUA)” by signing the “Lead… Or Leave II” political pledge and ratifying a “Grand Unified Platform (GUP)”—a synthesis of overlapping Left-Right issues like getting money out of politics. Integration of proposed policies from the We The People’s 2009 Continental Congress’ “Articles of Freedom,” and the “99% Continental Congress’ 2.0 Declaration” to synthesize a final “Redress of Grievances Synthesis (RGS)” and convene a crowdsourced Constitutional Convention to draft and ratify new amendments to create “Crowdocracy” ( / (, the next evolutionary leap of human governance.


Alfonso is a Mexican-American male and peer counselor for handicap and indigent clients. Works with the Cortland New York "Wellness Center.

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Amoreena female Mexican-American elementary school teacher who teaches a variety of topics including civics, history and social studies. Born and raised in Southern California, educated at UCSD.

Zevin X. Cruz as a "Neo-Progressive" Congressional candidate for my district (NY-22). He is an author, artist and activist who has been a lifelong advocate of the oppressed and for the past 20 years has fought for justice and fundamental social change. As an “integral metamodern...

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