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The much publicized humanitarian crisis in Syria is as good as an ecological disaster. Itв??s underlying source is neither climate change nor warring tribes. It is underpinned by US embargo policies and support for an internal coup.
Members of this panel look at the US-led strategy of economic devastation working to undermine and disassemble the basic civil structure of the Syrian state. We highlight the little-discussed US policy of severe economic sanctions destabilizing the economy, weakening health facilities, communications, cultural institutions, education, food production, sanitation and electricity services. We draw parallels with Iraq, and contrast US policy to Syria and neighboring states.
While analysts use ethnic history to highlight the conflict, our speakers will draw on Syriaв??s overlooked economic development and regional policies to better inform where the problems lie.
Participants: Chair/presenter Dr. Barbara Nimri Aziz (anthropologist, author and WBAI radio producer); Presenter Joyce Chediac (author) co-editor of "Gaza, Symbol of Resistance"; Presenter Sara Flounders (author, editor, co-director of International Action Center, NY); Presenter Ghias Moussa (MD and member of Syrian American Forum, NJ)