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Ultimately the name of the game is power, or more accurately energy. That is, ALL is all manifestations of energy. In this Age, our inadequate accession of our individual human power makes human beings the most under-tapped resource on the planet at a cost of multi-trillion dollars. The industry focus of tapping more of our human resource is the structuring of the Human Potential Age.

ANALYSIS: We have moved from the Agrarian Age, to the Industrial Age, to the Information Age. We have entered the Human Potential Age. The essence of the Human Potential Age is accession of our human power: Human beings going green. Doing this will entail a reawakening AND living into the understanding that ultimately humans are beings of energy, and therefore power. Our disconnection with our human power is THE root of all of our human challenges, in one form or another, including our health and human service needs, business development, and individual financial freedom. It is this disconnection from our power which leads to the development of a fear-base human culture. Focusing on Blacks, I will propose that the very construction of being Black is fundamentally disempowering. It is a trap. It is not where our power is. We have identified the root-cause, and we are proposing a human technology to correct inadequate accession of individual power.