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Session 7: Sunday, June 3rd: 2:00 - 3:50pm
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This panel will consider whether, to give action a direction, opposition to Trumpism needs to be grounded in philosophy—that is, philosophical principles and/or specific philosophical and theoretical tenets. If so, what are the principles and tenets that are needed, and why are they needed? Panelists will also discuss the responsibilities of groups and individuals rooted in Marx’s philosophy to the new mass movement against Trumpism, as well as their responsibilities above and beyond this moment’s immediate struggles.


Dola is a student at Hunter College and a NYC activist.

Jaclard has spent 50 years as an activist in US social movements and a writer on the movements and on Marxist-Humanist theory. She currently serves as Organizational Secretary of Marxist-Humanist Initiative,

Ravi Bali is a veteran activist of the British Left. He currently works in London with Marxist-Humanist Initiative, having rejected both the vanguardism and the acceptance of capitalism that mark his former comrades. He sees the election of Trump and the growth of racist reaction in Europe as a...

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Andrew Kliman, professor emeritus of economics at Pace University, is the author of “Combatting White Nationalism: Lessons from Marx.” His many writings include two books, Reclaiming Marx’s “Capital”: A Refutation of the Myth of Inconsistency (Lexington Books, 2007) and The Failure of Capitalist...

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