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Session 7: Sunday, June 3rd: 2:00 - 3:50pm
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Hundreds - if not many thousands - of people are released from jail each year after having been wrongfully incarcerated. Yet many states - New York included - release them with absolutely no compensation for having been wrongly jailed. Many then need to deal with the reverberating effects of incarceration, including psychological trauma, difficulty gaining employment & housing, re-establishing familial ties, etc. We will discuss ways to organize for criminal justice reforms - both to prevent wrongful incarceration as well as to compensate its many victims.


Yusef is both an activist, poet and one of the central park Five exonorees. He, along with Antron McCray, Raymond Santana, Kevin Richardson, and Korey Wise, were all charged the brutal rape & near-death of the "Central Park Jogger." Among others, Donald Trump called for the Death...

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Sharonne Salaam has been an advocate for justice for over 40 years. Most people know Ms. Salaam as the mother of Yusef Salaam one of the Central Park 5. Ms. Salaam is a founding member of “Justice 4 The Wrongfully Incarcerated”. On May 9, 2016, she began the 9-day walk, from Harlem to Albany, NY...

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