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A year ago today casseroles where ringing in the streets of Montreal as part of what has become one of the provinces largest and longest social conflicts, a 7 month student strike at the height of which more than 300 000 students out of a total of 400 000 had walked out of class. As was hoped and chanted by demonstrators throughout the conflict, the student strike became for a moment a peoples struggle. A year later and an election later, austerity is once again on the agenda as a once left of centre party has veered to the right on economic issues, adopting a "normalized" neoliberal policy framework and as social forces of contestation are for the moment marginalized. We wish to explore the significance of both the resistance against austerity and neoliberalism by QuГ©bec students and the larger popular movement that coalesced around their struggle as well its limits and the nature of the repression that this movement encountered. Will be examined the political economic context that lead up to and has followed the conflict to understand the austerity stagnation trap in class terms and as an outcome of the latest phase in neoliberalism in QuГ©bec. We hope that our analysis will help progressives understand some of the pitfalls and occasions that face movements struggling in the current North American context. This panel brings together both student activits and academics close to the student movement, among the former the spokesperson of the mass student organization CLASSE.