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Session 2: Saturday, June 2nd: 12:00 - 1:50pm
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Considering the ongoing shift and crisis of political landscape in the U.S.A. but also in Europe, that is deepening and radicalizing persistently, the emergence of new political subjects now seems more inevitable than ever before. Alternative, counter political or counter-establishment movements are constantly appearing in a move to reorganize the way politics is done and communicated.
These new political bodies demand change: new political and social agenda, sharp and immediate measures against inequalities, social injustice, the fraud economics of Wall street and the dictatorship of the banks, climate change, the constant state of war and the resulting politics of fear, supervision, exceptional authorities, escalating violence etc.
This is something that we do understand very clearly in Europe and we have to face together on both shores of the Atlantic Ocean.
It is a political and historical duty of the European Left in this unprecedented situation to hold out hand, start communicating and building an alliance with the American leftist parties, movements and organizations. That is a crucial point of the global struggle and the globalization of resistance.
Together we are stronger, therefore communication and cooperation with our American and Canadian partners is of utmost importance at the moment.
How to find the best fields of cooperation and exchange the most effective experiences between the North American Left forces and the European Left?


At the age of 46 I was elected deputy on the Communist Refoundation Party and appointed Minister of Social Solidarity of the Second Prodi Government (2006/2008). The ministry was dealing with immigration, assistance, and drug policies. As Minister I signed the United Nations Convention on the...

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