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Especially since 1968, the existence of the US Republican Party has been a scourge of humanity. Figures like Nixon, Ford, Reagan, the Bushes, and now Trump and Cruz have inflicted endless foreign and domestic catastrophes on the United States and the world. George W. Bush combined two wars, a depression, and domestic repression in 2008. Recent developments show the GOP could meet the fate of Federalists, Whigs, and Knownothings by breaking apart, losing the presidency, the Congress, and the Supreme Court and collapsing into a regional party for racists, bigots, and reactionaries in the Deep South, rural areas, and the intermountain west. The party remains tied to aging white men, and is demographically doomed by US population trends. Trump is the trigger, with a program of police state authoritarian rule to deport 12 million people while destroying the First, Fifth, and Fourteenth Amendments. Inside the GOP, the elite billionaire donor class (Koch, Edelson, Mercer) battles the depression-crazed petty bourgeois base. The GOP Cleveland convention may be a replay of the Demsв?? split in 1860. If Trump takes the nomination, a third party can emerge and ruin down-ballot candidates. If Trump is blocked, he may create the third party himself. Senate and House could revert to the Democrats. A Democratic split between Wall Street and New Deal factions might follow. The axis of world politics would move markedly to the left, benefitting all of humanity.