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The 2012 QuГ©bec student strike was not only the most important student strike in QuГ©bec's history in terms of length and sheer numbers of participating students (at its peak 300 000 out the 500 000 students where on strike), it was also a major, bitter and violent social conflict, unlike any the province had seen since the seventies. Finally, the strike and the popular movement that coalesced around the red square (symbol of the striking students) in answer to CLASSE's call for solidarity, ranks as one of the larger and more intense social struggles against austerity politics in North America since the 2008 crisis. During this round table discussion we will revisit the events and outcome of 2012 with among others, one of the two spokespersons of CLASSE, the more militant coalition that started preparing this strike two years before the winter of 2012. The discussion will focus on the organizational issues related to the preparation and conduct of the strike as a mass democratic movement, as well as the political context that lead to the conflict and the unique historical aspects of QuГ©bec society that made such a conflict possible. It will be a unique occasion to discuss with one of pivotal actors of this movement. This discussion will be followed by a second panel on the political economy of late neoliberalism in QuГ©bec in the wake of the conflict.