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When Harvardв??s Safra Center for Ethics recently called the FCC a в??Captured Agencyв?? and the wireless industry в??super heavy weight lobbyistsв??, it wasnв??t kidding. The Telcom Act of 1996, in fact, preempted state and local governments from resisting cell towers and antennas on health or environmental grounds, rolling out a red carpet for wireless infrastructure across the country, irrespective of decades of research showing biological, health and DNA impacts. The harmful biological effects of wireless radiation have been overlooked ever since, serving the commercial interests of the wireless industry, with very serious consequences for our health, health care costs, as well as future generations.

The panel will review the state of the scientific evidence for harm from radiofrequency radiation, such as emitted from cell phones, WiFi, antennas and cell towers, including the clinical implications. These include association with cognitive difficulties, insomnia, fertility challenges, learning problems, cancers, heart irregularities and other conditions that have escalated exponentially, including neurological conditions. It will review lessons from health and environmental challenges in the past, like tobacco, asbestos and lead paint, emphasizing the importance of early action, as well as working to establish health consciousness and respect for life in technology industries.