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The European refugee crisis first received widespread international attention in April 2015, when five boats carrying more than 2,000 refugees sank in the Mediterranean Sea, leaving more than 1,200 dead. Around a million people successfully reached Europe in that year, three to four times more than in 2014. This year the numbers continue to rise precipitously. The principal reason is the war in Syria, as well as other, often related, instabilities in the Middle East. The number one point of entry is now Greece, where 123,000 migrants landed in just the first two months of 2016 (compared to 4,600 the previous year). The number one point of destination is Germany, which alone has taken in over a million refugees in the last year.

In this panel we will dig into the root causes of this crisis, as well as the inadequate policy responses and disturbing trend towards xenophobia and anti-immigrant politics across Europe.