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Room 3
SUNDAY August 26, 2018 - 1:30pm to 2:45pm
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We are often too familiar with the victims of nationally recognized police homicide cases, but what do we know of those they left behind: their families? What do we really know about the impact police violence has on our communities? Forced Trajectory Project (FTP) sought to answer these questions in 2009 by documenting and interviewing family members of police homicide victims. 8 years later, this inquiry has developed into a nationwide, long term, multimedia documentary project, providing a unique portal into the lives and narratives of those directly impacted by police homicide, individuals who suffer the agony of a devastating life event yet find strength and hope by building with community and through commemorating their loved ones.

FTP serves as a sister organization to Families United 4 Justice, a growing nationwide coalition of families impacted by police violence, organizing for self-determination, collective healing and justice, and political power. FTP works in concert with those on the frontline of the anti-police brutality movement by hosting their stories, providing crucial media analysis on how the construction of mainstream police brutality narratives perpetuates the problem, and through offering media training so that families and organizers can return to their communities equipped with media weaponry to preserve the truth.

In this session you will meet the FTP media team who will introduce the project and explore how citizen journalism and grassroots public relations can foster change through empowering those on the frontline and engage local communities, ultimately serving as a catalyst for social revolution.


Jacqueline Lawrence is the mother of police homicide victim, Keith Childress, Jr., who was the last person known to be killed by law enforcement in the US. He was killed in broad daylight in a private neighborhood in Las Vegas. He was unarmed and was carrying a cell phone. The US Marshall had...

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Jordan O’Brien is a photojournalist and filmmaker and currently an intern with the Forced Trajectory Project. He is double majoring in Film and Journalism
& Media Studies at UNLV.

Eduardo Rossal is a journalist, photographer and videographer, and currently interning with Forced Trajectory Project. He is pursuing his Bachelor’s in Journalism & Media Studies with a minor in Anthropology at UNLV.

Karintha Tervalon is a Journalism and Media Studies graduate student at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. She earned her Marketing and Cultural Studies B.A. from Chatham University in 2003. She has extensive presenting experience through her previous employment as an Orientation Leader at...

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