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Session 7: Sunday, June 3rd: 2:00 - 3:50pm
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Feminist analysis is crucial for our understanding of male supremacist, racist capitalism as a whole. Yet women’s liberation has too often been misunderstood and denigrated by many on the Left. Our speakers will talk about the relationship between feminism and the Left, and why it’s important for Leftists to study feminist theory and history, as well as why feminists should study Marxism. We will examine history and how the feminist movement’s relationship to the Left has evolved.


Steve Bloom is editor at Old and New Project, a New York City Activist, poet, and composer. He is a member of the Brooklyn Green Party and the Radical Poets Collective.

Kathy Scarbrough has been active since the mid 1970s. She was a member of Redstockings for a period in the early 80s and became supportive of socialist/communist ideas through feminism. Currently she co-edits Meeting Ground Online (http://...

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Kathie was a volunteer with SNCC in Mississippi in 1964 and 1965, and active in the movement against the U.S. war on Vietnam. Her priority since 1967 has been organizing in the Women's Liberation Movement, first with New York Radical Women, the group that pulled off the Miss America...

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Tamara Wyndham is an artist and a long-time radical feminist and anti-capitalist. She has organized feminist consciousness-raising groups and led a study group on second wave feminism.