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Session 1: Saturday, June 2nd: 10:00 - 11:50am
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These days, our health and well-being are sorted through a profit-seeking financial complex that monitors and commodifies our lives. Our access to competent, affordable health care grows more precarious every day. Howard Waitzkin, along with the medical professionals, scholars, and activists who comprise the Working Group on Health Beyond Capitalism, will discuss just what's wrong with our medical system, how it got this way, and how their new book, "Health Care Under the Knife," contributes to a winning strategy for the left in moving toward a post-capitalist health-care system.


Howard Waitzkin is Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Sociology at the University of New Mexico and Adjunct Professor of Internal Medicine at the University of Illinois. He has been active for years in struggles for national health programs in the United States and Latin America and is the author... Read more
Steffie Woolhandler is Distinguished Professor of Public Health at City University of New York at Hunter College, and a primary care physician in the South Bronx. Among her best known research is work with David Himmelstein on the high administrative costs in the U.S. health care system, medical... Read more
Much of Dr. Anderson's previous activity involved managing the Social Medicine Curriculum for the Department of Family and Social Medicine. In this position he helped organize the fall Orientation course ( and the spring Health Systems... Read more
Amy Finnegan is a sociologist whose teaching and research interests include social movements and social change, peace and conflict, global health, human rights, medical sociology, globalization and health policy, service learning, and African studies. Currently she works as assistant professor of... Read more
Bradley Rydholm is one of the founding organizers of Horizontal Stateline Autonomous Region, which includes the stateline region of northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin along the Rock River. He grew up in a working class family in Rockford, Illinois, where he still lives. For school, among... Read more