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Session 1: Saturday, June 2nd: 10:00 - 11:50am
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The Unites States is in the midst of a historic shift to independent politics. In the past fifteen years, tens of millions of Americans have left the Democratic and Republican parties and become independents. Nearly two-thirds of Americans are now calling for a major new party, and just as many are saying they won't vote in the midterm elections because the establishment parties are so corrupt. In a country that is overwhelmingly progressive on the issues, low turnout in the absence of a major party for working people is empowering Trump and the far right. How can the left rise to meet the challenge, build independent power, and give working people the major new party that they are calling for?


J​im​ ​Vrettos ​is a sociologist at the City University of New York -- John Jay​ ​​College of Criminal Justice. He is the co-author of the critically acclaimed The​ ​Elementary Forms of Statistical Reason (St. Martins Press 1996) and has written​ ​numerous articles on social movements, deviance and... Read more
Gayle McLaughlin is a former two-term Mayor of Richmond, Calif. who is running for Lieutenant Governor of California as a progressive Independent. McLaughlin was a Richmond City Council member for two terms (2005-07 and 2015-17), and served as Mayor from 2007-2014. She has a background as an... Read more
Nick ​Brana ​ is the Founder and National Director with the Movement for a People's Party, the major national nonprofit at the helm of the rapidly growing movement for a new progressive political party. With more than fifty thousand members and coverage in more than a hundred mainstream and... Read more
Tim Canova is running for Congress as an independent in Florida’s 23rd district against Debbie Wassermann Schultz. He recently won a lawsuit against the Broward County Supervisor of Elections for the illegal destruction of the ballots in his 2016 race for the same seat, after the validity of the... Read more
David ​Zuckerman ​ ​​ is the 80th Lt. Governor of Vermont. Elected on a Vermont Progressive Party and Democratic Party fusion ballot, David is the highest ranking third party official in America. ​He​ is the co-founder of Full Moon Farm, a NOFA-certified organic farm in Hinesburg, Vermont.... Read more
Eljeer Hawkins is a community and anti-war activist, born and raised in Harlem, New York, member of Socialist Alternative/CWI for 21 years. He has toured internationally, invited to address audiences from South Africa to Ireland, Brazil to Belgium on the black struggle in the U.S. He has been... Read more