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In the late sixties and early seventies, Psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan developed a theory of how social links in todayв??s Neo-Liberal societies work. By social link is meant a space between two (at minimum) people, which is dynamic and produces certain product(s) and can be intra-psychic as well. He calls this discourse. Lacan uses mathemes and vectorial relations to traverse the limitations posed by the stereotypical understanding of language, making topological thinking possible.

We will explain the theory of the Four Discourses (Master, University, Hysteric and Analyst), as well as the topological mathemes in a clear and direct way.

Then we will illuminate how they give anyone, logical, grounded ways to effectively address current social formations of struggles of discrimination and exploitation.

The workshop does not depend on any prior knowledge of Psychoanalysis, Semiotics or Marxism.