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The 1963 assassination of President Kennedy changed U.S. history and marked the ascendancy of a в??Deep Stateв?ќ of hidden political controls that continue to influence governmental policy. This panel focuses upon the impact of a cover-up, and the complicity of leading officials, media and academics. We suggest ways for effective citizen action to redress the presidentв??s murder, end the continuing widespread suppression of basic facts, and restrict these hidden forces from intimidating government officials and thought leaders.
New York attorney Lawrence Schnapf will summarize JFK crime scene evidence, using forensic evidence from the Innocence Project and the National Academy of Sciences to show why accused assassin Lee Harvey Oswald could never have been convicted of the crime. Journalist Jerry Policoff will discuss how a media cover-up operated and why it continues. He examines the shortcomings of the media and underscores their close ties to the nationв??s financial establishment and national security apparatus. Investigative reporter, author and attorney Andrew Kreig connects the dots between the JFK cover-up and those of similar в??Deep Stateв?ќ plots against democracy extending to the present, including ongoing efforts to thwart fair presidential elections. He shows how cover up techniques used to hide the JFK murder facts в?? including blue-ribbon commissions and smears of critics as в??conspiracy theoristsв?ќ в?? has fostered corrupt, anti-democratic policies on current issues.