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The 1979 House Select Committee on Assassinations, the last official investigation into JFK's murder, was infiltrated and subverted by conflicts of interest with CIA. Despite this, HSCA scientifically determined probable conspiracy and destroyed the Single Bullet Theory. Now Dr. Robertson, the only Radiologist outside govt review panels allowed to study original autopsy materials, has constructed a virtual soundtrack for Zapruderв??s silent film. Using film frames he mathematically confirms that HSCAв??s acoustic tape of gunshots was recorded in Dealey Plaza on a police motorcycle, and heв??s synched individual frames and gunshots within 100ths of a second accuracy. He proves shots came from 3 sites - and establishes conspiracy. As progressive agendas advance, government pressure on media has widening effects: consistent suppression of new evidence; and peer reviewed medical journals refuse to publish corroborative verifications. The Journal of Forensic Science says they will no longer publish any JFK-related articles. Co-opting science for political purposes poses further danger to democracy. Thousands of pages of JFK assassination records & documents, now more than 50 years old, remain withheld. Public pressure to force declassification and release is desperately needed. Founded in 1984, Assassination Archives and Research Center (AARC), is a non-profit comprised of leading lawyers, scientists, doctors and historians. It is dedicated to this effort.