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The New Jersey/ New York Seaport is the second largest port in the United States. This past January, container traffic at the Port was record-breaking. There are plans to lift the Bayonne Bridge to make room for the new Post Panamax ships (that hold up to 18,000 containers each) inside the Harbor. There is also a proposal to increase rail capacity across the Hudson to accommodate expected growth in imports. The Coalition for Healthy Ports is a collaboration of public health advocates, grassroots, labor, faith-based, legal, and academic organizations and representatives that are working to ensure a clean environment, healthy neighborhoods, and good jobs at and around the Seaport. This roundtable dialogue will: review the history of the seven-year-old coalition and their efforts to hold the Port Authority accountable; provide a snapshot of what it is like for residents and the working conditions for truck drivers, and highlight the importance of grassroots organizing at the local level and movement-building across the country to reduce health and economic impacts of living and working next door to the second largest Seaport