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What is at stake when marginalized subjects are imagined as overdetermined from without? This session complicates Western notions of the в??otherв?ќ by interrogating how we frame marginality, social vulnerability, and agency. Drawing on various frameworks including transnational feminism, feminist poststructuralism, and postcolonialism, the panelists open up questions regarding how our own theoretical paradigms may occlude the critical interventions of those who are marked by race, gender, class, and sexuality. In particular, the panelists share a concern with the re-centering of the modern, white, bourgeois subject within dominant, as well as social justice, discourses. The panelists investigate diverse sites including: debates over the в??forced marriageв?ќ of Muslim women; the в??social determinants of healthв?ќ discourse in public health; the artistic interventions into subjectivity by African American artist Kerry James Marshall; and the autobiographical narratives of Afro-Uruguayan women.