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Session 3: Saturday, June 2nd: 2:00 - 3:50pm
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"West Virginia Teachers Revolt: A Challenge to U.S. Labor, " ; "Defeat the Capitalist Onslaught Against Public Education!"
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What’s Marx got to do with it? Everything. Public school is where race and class come together: it will take a class struggle strategy to fight the joint Democratic and Republican capitalist drive to bust the unions, privatize the schools, and target immigrant families for deportation. Panel and discussion will focus on major issues in teacher organizing: eyewitness accounts of spreading teacher strikes in West Virginia and Oklahoma, and what program to break the stranglehold of the union bureaucracy; the need for labor mobilizations to stop I.C.E. raids and arrests; teacher strikes from Oaxaca to Brazil to the U.S.


Lucio Ramirez is an immigrant rights' activist in immigrant worker organizing. Member, Trabajadores Internacionales Clasistas; Taxi Workers Alliance.

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Mark Lance was a reporter at the West Virginia teachers' strike. He is a member of Class Struggle Education Workers, activist/writer; producer: From Death Row, This is Mumia-Abu Jamal (video); BMCC –CUNY Continuing Education, and reported from West Virginia on the explosive miners'...

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