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This panel will explore the role of Marxist-Humanist philosophy in confronting todayв??s global crises. For example, panelists will look at the philosophy of Laclau and Mouffe as it influences Greeceв??s Syriza government, to show where postmodernist attacks on Marx lead politically, as well as the role of pragmatism in Syriza. We will delve into the philosophy that grew out of the Syrian revolution against Assad that has roots in the Bosnia conflict of the 1990s; and interrogate how Marx and Fanon both speak profoundly to the Black Lives Matter movement of today. Importantly, these interrogations of philosophy will not be separated from actions on the groundв??which will also be discussedв??and will show that in many instances, philosophic questions emerge from those actions, although not necessarily explicitly. The panel will endeavor to make what is implicit in the movements from practice explicit. In each case panelists will explore the relationship between theory and practice, philosophy and organization. As have all our panels over the years at the Left Forum, we plan on leaving plenty of time for discussion.