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Room 2
SATURDAY August 25, 2018 - 7:15pm to 8:45pm
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The Rise, Decline and Return of Marxist Feminism How can revolutionaries of today take from the lessons of the Civil Rights Movement and Black revolutionary movements? http://www.
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This panel is aimed at promoting socialist feminist organizing by addressing the following questions: Why is authoritarianism on the rise globally, and how does it affect women? How can the “Me Too Movement” challenge the capitalist commodification of women’s bodies? What are the connections between Black Lives Matter and the movement against patriarchy/homophobia? What do the struggles of women in the West and the Middle East have in common? Do socialist feminists have an alternative to capitalism?


Mary Ann Curtis, socialist feminist labor activist and community organizer, is a member of the Freedom Socialist Party, Radical Women and AFSCME Retirees, Chapter 36. The 1960s Black Civil Rights movement sparked her involvement in the fight to end segregation. Her job at a Chicago Black youth...

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Syrian socialist feminist

Black anti-racist activist, member of SEIU and Left Voice