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Canada's promise of freedoms and rights are unattainable for some, as its systems and mechanisms marginalize "he other". Denying links between inequity and racism, post-race discourse ignores the convergence of oppressions in certain populations. Portraying Black youth as transgressors, evokes public safety sentiments and maintains "normality" in White dominated spaces. I argue that racial euphemisms that justify Canada's "hands-off" approach to issues of race disenfranchise Black youth culturally, educationally, ontologically and spiritually. Against the backdrop of essentialization and reductionism, I problematize beliefs that multiculturalism ensures race is no longer an organizing principle or that racism exists in America but not in Canada. Employing critical race theory, I illustrate how hegemonic disavowal of the lived realities of people impacted by colonization and racism informs labeling Black youth as dysfunctional. I conclude that recent events illuminate the need to rethink Canada's global peacemaker image because justice is a natural human quest without which peace cannot thrive.