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Session 7: Sunday, June 3rd: 2:00 - 3:50pm
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Humanity is making significant strides in science and technology growing its ability to sustain a much bigger population than currently lives on the planet, liberating humans from menial labor through automation while making significant strides towards creating livable environments outside of our Mother Planet Earth and planning intergalactic colonization.

However... here are some of the sub-humanization processes currently working full-throttle all around the globe:

Growing income inequality, unemployment/underemployment, commercializing human life, health-sector cannibalism, corporate encroachment of natural resources, forces and ecological habitats, homelessness, mental illness, drug addiction, PTSD, moral injury, child trafficking and abuse, sexual predation, terrorism, apartheid, state and police brutality, subverting democratic process, lobbyists negating the vote of the citizens, corrupting the justice system, narcotics trafficking, modern slave-trade, illegal immigration, war-mongering, weapons of mass misinformation and destruction, hate-mongering, race baiting are some of the phenomenological aspects of the pathogenies afflicting our society. These ailments threaten to shred the human fabric that holds all together into pieces in a species-lethal way.

The above assessment echoes the arguably prophetic writings of 19th century independent thinker Henry George in his monumental
work: Progress and Poverty (published 1879).

Correct diagnosis of the insidious forces that cause and feed this spreading cancer while resisting policies that would reverse its growth and eventually heal it completely is needed, especially in an era when people seem to protest and demand policies that have the opposite effect from the one they desire. Solutions and strategies for efficient dialectic discourse and remedial political action will be openly discussed.