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Session 3: Saturday, June 2nd: 2:00 - 3:50pm
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Ill-perceived nefarious Globalized geopolitical agendas seem to be coming to a harsh conflict with local National States and local communities interests. The mythology behind the invisible hand of globalization creating a rising tide that would raise all boats has come to a rude awakening, with the palpable destruction of the middle/working classes with the simultaneous brutalization of impoverished native populations of resource rich yet cash poor countries forced into migration to the benefits of an infra-national rent-extraction elite which funnels its illicit rent profits into usurping national democracies by undoing election/referendum results while arm-twisting elected governments into fire-sales of National wealth, enslaving the national working class , while empowering global criminal narcotics and slave trafficking networks. Many otherwise well intentioned professional activists and career Politicians (mostly on the Left) are duped into euphemistically masqueraded elitist anti-human strategems: Killing human beings in the womb is subverted into a "Woman's undeniable human right to abortion"! "Spreading Democracy" is code-word for war-crimes, war-mongering and hate-peddling... "Open Border Immigration" is another code-word for enhanced human trafficking, enslavement of workers and sexual exploitation of women... "Pro-Social Welfare" is another masqueraded campaign to pour more public funds into the coffers of Rent-Seeking Real Estate Elites and Government contractors. In this panel we examine multiple aspects Global Geopolitical Economic arena and discuss the battle between Sovereign National Communities against Neo-Colonial, Neo-Imperial Globalized Rent-Seeking elites. Humanity is at the crossroads... one road leads to perennial globalized conflict while the other to an empowered bottom-up cooperative prosperity for all.


Yannis Tziligakis is an independent thinker/educator/researcher, a published scientist, philosopher, a publicly performing musician and Public Access TV producer and demosiographer. He has done work for various international Institutions NCNR-DEMOCRITOS, CERN, NCN, ,Univ of Michigan, Beckman Inst... Read more
Luann is an award winning filmmaker, playwright, musician and political activist and investigative reporter. Sharp as a razor she cuts through the web of deception and contradiction of both the Left and the Right while her lyrics, narration and stories transmit the message of equality, justice and... Read more
Caleb Maupin is a NYC based journalist, political analyst and activist. He is Opinion Editor at Russia Today (RT). Originally from the Midwest, he studied political science at Baldwin-Wallace College. A Youth organizer for the International Action Center, he was also involved in the Occupy Wall... Read more
Alanna Hartzok is International Liaison for the Robert Schalkenbach Foundation, Administrative Director and a United Nations NGO representative for the International Union for Land Value Taxation, and co-founder/co-director of Earth Rights Institute. She received the Radical Middle Book Award... Read more
Mary M. (Polly) Cleveland is an economist focusing on wealth distribution. She is also a long-time activist for social justice. She writes blog called "Econamici," which is also posted to the Dollars & Sense website and to the Huffington Post. From 2007 -2016 she was Adjunct Professor... Read more