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Session 6: Sunday, June 3rd: 12:00 - 1:50pm
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The Party of the European Left (EL) is a political party at the European level which was formed in 2004. Member and observer parties of the EL are socialist, communist, red green and other democratic left parties. At the moment (February 2018), the EL has 38 Member parties, Observers and Partners from 25 different countries.
“United for a left alternative in Europe”
We refer to the values and traditions of socialism, communism and the labour movement, of feminism, the feminist movement and gender equality, of the environmental movement and sustainable development, of peace and international solidarity, of human rights, humanism and antifascism, of progressive and liberal thinking, both nationally and internationally”. Manifesto of the Party of the European Left, 2004
How can we reaffirm even more in a stronger way these traditions and values in the current European situation and also worldwide? How can we promote another way of doing politics starting from the people and not the profit?


Former head of International Department of DIE LINKE (Germany), future head of the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung New York office

About transform! europe
transform! europe is a network of 32 European organisations from 21 countries, active in the field of political education and critical scientific analysis, and is the recognised political foundation corresponding to the Party of the European Left (EL).


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Waltraud Fritz is one of the founding members of the EL in 2004, having represented the Communist Party of Austria in the process of building a European Left party in the years before.
After having read History and German literature at the Austrian universities of Salzburg and Vienna, she...

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