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Session 7: Sunday, June 3rd: 2:00 - 3:50pm
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Like a generator in a hurricane, the Working Group on Globalization and Culture offers a collective presentation on “generation” to assess its theoretical purchase for a cultural studies laboring in a moment of widespread emergency. Generation is a keyword in understanding social conflicts over competing visions of the future: struggles over seeds and soil, and investments and inheritance. Insurgent movements are often viewed through the lens of new generations, and histories of migrant communities structured through generational concepts. In this panel, we reconsider the power of generational change and its meaning for inter-generational justice, while reflecting on the history of the generation and regeneration of life, power and energy. The Working Group on Globalization and Culture is an interdisciplinary cultural studies laboratory that has been practicing collective research at Yale University since 2003. Recent projects have been published as “Going into Debt,” online on Social Text’s Periscope, and as “Spaces and Times of Occupation” in Transforming Anthropology; a collective interview regarding “Matters of Life and Death” recently appeared in French Review of American Studies.


Salonee Bhaman is a PhD student in the History department at Yale University. She is interested in the social and political history of austerity, housing, cities, and the family. She remains particularly interested in how we are all going to win the battle for the soul of the City.