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Session 6: Sunday, June 3rd: 12:00 - 1:50pm
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The fight against racism is a class issue. Attacks on Black people, Latinos and people of color are attacks on the entire working class. Meanwhile, attacks on workers’ rights and conditions embolden racists and the right wing.

This year’s Teachers’ Spring showed the potential for a new wave of class struggle at the same time that Black youth are rising up against racism and police murders. The struggle against bigotry which has heightened during the Trump administration is interlinked with police murders and attacks on worker conditions. The panelists — three rank-and-file workers — will discuss their experiences in overcoming racial divisions imposed by the bosses and linking workplace struggles to the struggles against police brutality, deportations, and other forms of racial oppression. How can labor activists and oppressed peoples unite? What has been the role of the police in class society and how can workers organize to fight police terror? How can we build a workers’ movement that not only seeks to improve immediate conditions but also can make political gains and overcome the racial, gender and other divisions that capitalism has created?


Jorge is a labor activist in the food service industry. He is currently a cook at Google's cafeteria in New York, working alongside UNITE HERE! local 100 to organize his co-workers and negotiate a new contract. An Ecuadorian immigrant raised in Northern New Jersey, he has been involved in...

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Organizer for hotel workers and fighter for social justice Donald is a rank and file worker and union activist.

Julia Wallace member SEIU 721 member of Strike Against Police Terror and writer for Left Voice- an internationally affiliated socialist press. Julia Wallace attended and organized at Los Angeles City College as well as at UCLA. She is fighter against imperialism, bigoty and police terror and for...

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