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Session 2: Saturday, June 2nd: 12:00 - 1:50pm
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Feminist analysis is crucial for our understanding of male, white supremacist, and imperialist capitalism as a whole. Yet women’s liberation has too often been misunderstood and denigrated by many on the Left. Our speakers will talk about the relationship between feminism and the Left, and why it’s important for Leftists to study feminist theory and history, as well as why feminists should study Marxism. We will examine history, how the feminist movement’s relationship to the Left has evolved, and why a viable revolutionary movement needs to center feminist praxis, and fight to be inclusive of working class women from all backgrounds.


Steph Ka is a Peruvian neuroscience graduate student, and independent socialist studying at McGill University in Montreal. Her main areas of interest are philosophical trends in socialism, neuroendocrinology, and advancing the interests of third world women of color. Back home she was a member...

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Jessica Coco is a member of the Party of Communists USA and Movement for a People’s Democracy (MPD). She is a long time public housing and environmental activist. She created Save the Hoboken Projects in 2012 and is part of No Fluoride NJ, Millions against Monsanto, and Chemtrails Fightback.

Born in 1979, Ksenija Kordic is a conceptual and performance artist, and revolutionary socialist from Croatia. She is the author of 10 one-woman exhibitions, and over 30 group exhibitions. Ksenija is a member of the Croatian Freelance Artists Association, and the Workers' Front Party. Her...

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Zachary Najarian-Najafi is an independent revolutionary socialist from southern New Hampshire. His area of focus is making Marxist theory, history, and practice more accessible to a general audience.