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Struggles for a stable climate offer lessons for scaling up that world historical campaign in the short time available for saving a livable Earth. These struggles can be illuminated by employing Marxв??s big insight that capitalist relations organize, unite and discipline the social forces with the capacities to overthrow capitalist relations and usher in a post-fossil-capitalist era of solar commoning. This insight was extended by CLR James to encompass all the dispossessed in addition to waged workers. The long-standing struggles of the unwaged and waged peoples who have been dispossessed and deracinated by corporate globalization over the past two hundred years (of fossil coal and oil capitalism) are the bedrock on which stands todayв??s best prospects for planetary human survival. Yet most so-called Marxists remain blinkered by a worker-ist view. The presentations in this panel highlight the involvement of specific militants, who are overwhelmingly women drawn from strata of indigenous peoples, people of colour, and poor so-called white people and their allies amongst men; in making powerful campaigns to actually keep the fossil poisons in the ground and to disrupt and render inoperative the massive fossil capitalist infrastructure; while at the same time building on the existing foundations of commoning relations and practices.