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Panelists will discuss the political relationship between the presidential campaign of Bernie Sanders and the budding mass movement in the United States, and how both relate to the goal of building socialism. Specifically, we will focus on the trajectory of the Sanders campaign as it intersects with the struggle against intensifying contradictions in class, race, gender, and ecological relations. Questions to be considered, among others, include: the extent to which Sandersв?? non-military Keynesianism would offer immediate relief to millions of Americans at the expense of finance capital; how those trying to build local economies on the basis of private and cooperative ownership would benefit from a в??newв?ќ New Deal aimed at reducing racial and class inequalities; how Sanders and/or the movement that has arisen around his candidacy could challenge the military-industrial-prison complex; how his plans for renewable energy would be implemented nationally and locally; and whether his social-democratic politics can counter the increasing в??fascificationв?ќ of U.S. capitalism. To ground the discussion, the panel will consider how Sandersв?? main social-democratic demands bear on local political drives for economic and racial justice in Greensboro, NC., and what this indicates for the future course of creating more social ownership and democratic control in the city.