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Since the 1960's left activists have organized for change and have won significant victories. However in the electoral arena the Left has been eclipsed by a neoliberal onslaught and the domination of the two party system. Panelists will discuss if it is possible to break the hold of the two party system and provide American voters and the world with a viable alternative to the bipartisan agenda of the two major parties. Occupy provided an alternative to the policies of the 1%. But when it comes to the electoral arena the Left has been marginalized in the past. Is the Sanders campaign a real alternative for the Left and does he really stand for building the revolution and the power that is needed to make change? Speakers will consider various alternatives to building real power to enact progressive change. Some think there are mechanisms to wrest back our democracy but suggest voting in presidential elections is not one of them. Are mobilizing around mass actions and forms of direct action to disrupt the system the keys to building left political power?В Others consider the Presidential elections and other election campaigns as tools to building power independently of the Democratic and Republican parties. The black community has historically supported the Democratic Party. What has that done for the black community and black power? The Obama, Clinton and Sanders campaigns will be discussed from the standpoint of their impact on Black America, the United States and the world.