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Session 4: Saturday, June 2nd: 4:00 - 5:50pm
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BUILDING AN INTERNATIONAL & INTERNATIONALIST OPPOSITION TO IMPERIALISM, THE INTERACTION BETWEEN ORGANIZING FOR SOCIALISM AND ORGANIZING AGAINST WAR. THESIS FOR DISCUSSION: What direction(s) should internationalists take in the coming period of class struggle in the US? Should we focus on building a new internationalist socialist leadership? Should we focus on overcoming the crisis of leadership in US anti-war opposition? Can these tasks be combined? If so, how? What is the relationship between this crisis and the current mass organising context(s) against the Trump regime? What are the organizing priorities? What is to be done?


John Reimann is a retired carpenter. He was the recording secretary of Carpenters Local 713 and was active in the labor movement for many years, always as a union supporter but also in opposition to the employer-friendly policies of his union leadership. He was expelled for life from the carpenters... Read more
Robert Cuffy is a supporter of the Socialist Workers Alliance of Guyana, the Socialist Labor Group and the maintainer of the C.L.R. James and Raya Dunayevskaya pages at the Marxist Internet Archive who has an interest in the state capitalist political economy arguments of the Johnson-Forest... Read more
David Turpin teaches philosophy at Indiana University Northwest in Gary, Indiana. His political experience began in the 1960s in Houston, Texas, when he and a group of friends burned their draft cards in the street in front of the Selective Service building. Their anti-war activities soon brought... Read more
Stanley Heller is a retired teacher and teacher union activist. Currently he's Administrator of Promoting Enduring Peace and host of the TV program "The Struggle". He's written extensively for many newspapers and sites and a collection of his articles was published last year... Read more
Sina is an Iranian American activist who does writing and advocacy for a range of local groups on both Muslim and Middle Eastern causes. Holding a Master's in Public Health, a major focus is how health systems can meet the needs of population post war and the role of health care organizing in... Read more