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Session 6: Sunday, June 3rd: 12:00 - 1:50pm
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Amidst the “techlash”, some tech workers are beginning to realize that they are, in fact, workers. But due to the prevalance of a technology-inflected neoliberal ideology in Silicon Valley, it will be a long road to an organized tech industry. On this panel we will hear from tech workers who have been involved in recent organizing efforts in the tech industry. We will also reflect on the wider importance of organizing efforts in Silicon Valley—specifically, how harnessing power from below could address some of the economic and ethical concerns associated with unaccountable technology corporations.


Alex Press is an assistant editor at Jacobin and freelance writer based in New York City. She has written for n+1 Magazine on worker organizing in the tech sector.

Mohini Dutta is a transmedia designer who enjoys telling stories using design and technology. She is an organizer for Game Workers Unite, which aims to build worker power within the games development industry.

Wendy is a software developer and writer who writes about the economic considerations of the technology industry from a socialist perspective. She co-curated the technology issue of Notes From Below, a socialist journal focused on class composition analysis, which featured contributions from...

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Danny is a sociologist with ethics, comma, for hire. He works with, prototyping custom apps and websites. He believes in worker-led organizing and returning all wealth to the commons.

Jason Prado has been a software engineer at several of the largest tech companies for the past ten years. Since 2016, Jason has also been an organizer with the Tech Workers Coalition, where he has organized support for service worker unions on tech campuses.