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In 2015, the Israeli Supreme Court upheld the в??Anti-Boycott Lawв?ќ, thereby legitimizing the suppression of dissent in Israel. Passed in 2011, the Anti-Boycott Law makes the call for the boycott of Israel (including of the illegal Israeli settlements in Occupied Palestinian Territory) a civil tort, and joins similar laws and policies designed to chill and curtail internal critique of Israel and Israeli policies. In the United States, dozens of anti-BDS laws have been proposed/enacted in both the US Congress and at the state level, mirroring the Anti-Boycott Law in Israel and with the aim of suppressing or punishing activism for Palestine. Lawyers and advocates working to protect freedom of expression in both Israel/Palestine and the United States will investigate the parallels of this disturbing trend, and share legal and advocacy tactics for effectively challenging targeted, legislative attacks on speech. Panelists will draw on lessons of history, particularly strategies employed during the anti-Apartheid movement, and together with participants, discuss ways to continue building a transnational movement to defend freedom of expression and achieve social justice.