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All over the globe we are facing similar dramatic injustices in the cities produced the by ongoing global financial crises and investor driven neoliberal city policies. We are displaced, evicted, excluded and criminalized. But a multiplicity of protests emerge in constant struggles focusing on the needs of individuals, houses, communities or neighborhoods. Sometimes we interconnect for city-wide campaigns or even transnational action days dealing with the effects of gentrification, the right to housing, squatting, the distribution of public spaces or questions of the urban commons. There have been some fruitful coalitions between initiatives of various social backgrounds; but in general it still seems quite exceptional. This panel wants not just to provide space to share experiences in the everyday struggles of urban initiatives. It explicitly focuses on the relation of activists from different cities and continents in a discussion about collective actions and campaigns beyond national and social borders. We invite activists in housing struggles to discuss political approaches, mobilizations, claims, slogans and goals. Contributions about practical experiences in existing transnational networks of urban initiatives and direct action groups are more then welcome. Eventually, we hope to establish an ongoing fruitful process of knowledge exchange and the synchronization of events and agendas. The focus will be on anti-eviction and community organizing.