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Like the history of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, the history of Ukrainian nationalism, fascism, and Naziism, before and during World War 2 and in the post-Soviet period after 1991, is heavily falsified by politicians and the media as well as by в??expertsв?ќ and в??scholarsв?ќ of Eastern Europe.

This panel aims to reassert the history of Ukrainian socialism and of the murderous fascist/Nazi roots and present of the Ukrainian в??nationalistв?ќ movement that, nourished by the West and particularly by the American CIA, now dominates historical memory in Ukraine.
We will also discuss the fraudulent в??scholarshipв?ќ that facilitates the acceptance of Ukrainian fascists as в??liberators,в?ќ в??nationalists,в?ќ в??freedom fighters,в?ќ and в??democrats.в?ќ
Special attention will be given to exposing the lies in the book Bloodlands by Professor Timothy Snyder of Yale University. This prize-winning book, now translated into 26 languages, consists of nothing but lies and falsehoods from beginning to end.