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In the past weeks, millions of Brazilians took to the streets of Brazil in a series of nation-wide protests, both against and in support of President Dilma Rousseff and Workerв??s Party (PT). Although Western media has been reporting on the oppositionв??s protests as rallies against the widespread political corruption, the political turmoil in Brazil that led to these demonstrations is much more complex and is rooted in the growing resentment of the Brazilian elite class against social changes in the country. Since the PT first took power in 2003 , a series of economic and social reforms have taken place, lifting millions of Brazilians out of poverty в?? and endangering long-established privileges in Brazilian society. After losing once again in the ballot box в?? and with a very real prospect of losing again in 2018-, the opposition is now trying to remove Dilma and her party from power at a time when there is growing discontent over the deteriorating economic situation in the country. The opposition has put in place a campaign to subvert Brazilв??s democratic outcome backed by Brazilв??s corporate media that has openly advocating for Rousseffв??s impeachment. This campaign is being fueled by carefully selected leaks from в??Operation Carwashв?ќ, aimed at investigating corruption schemes in Petrobras. Under the banner of anti-corruption, opposition leaders are inciting an anti-democratic power struggle reminiscent of the turmoil that brought about a 21-year-long dictatorship in 1964.