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SATURDAY August 25, 2018 - 7:15pm to 8:45pm
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After the recent Gaza disaster, international unity for non-violent actions that transcend, race, ethic and national origins becomes even more urgent and . . . necessary.
Those events reflect a manifestation of the grim racist, ethnic cleansing ideologies advocated by a recent surge of demagogues that have gripped the world including the Holy Land, the epicentre of world conflict and potential world peace.

As such, it is essential to build coalitions with activists worldwide, linked to Holy Land activists to fight this trend, to enlighten the world by bringing it to a place of equality and justice and at the same time pushing the reactionary demagogues back into obsolescence.


Philip Giraldi: PhD, University College London, BA, University of Chicago. 20 years: US Army Intelligence and the CIA, serving in Europe & the Middle East as a counter-terrorism. Foreign policy adviser to presidential candidate Ron Paul. Executive Director: Council for the National Interest...

Dr. John Davenport, PhD in Philosophy: University of Notre Dame & studied Philosophy at Yale University. Professor of philosophy at Fordham University & was associate Chair of Philosophy there. Former President of Kierkegaard Society USA. Has authored articles about the current Israeli-...

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Yusif Barakat, BA Political Science, MA Guidance & Counselling at Wayne State University. A Palestine born peace activist, & lives in US. Retired Clinical Program Manager at Maxey Boys Training School, State of Michigan. Responsible for the rehab of delinquent Teen Age Boys. Former...

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Dr. Jacqueline Casale Taylor Basker: PhD, Oxford University, UK. Professor: NYIT New York Institute of Technology & German-Jordan University, Jordan. Participates and organizes grassroots actions including interfaith groups for peace in the Holy Land and New York City. Her paintings also...

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