Economics Professor, Lomonosov Moscow State University; Director, Center for Modern Marxist Studies, Faculty of Philosophy; Visiting Professor Cambridge & Peking Universities; Editor-in-chief of “Alternatives” and “Questions of Political Economy”; Editorial Board “World Review of Political Economy” & “International Critical Thought.” Biography: He is one of the leaders of the Post-Soviet School of Critical Marxism. His articles have appeared in “Cambridge Journal of Economics,” “Science and Society,” “World Review of Political Economy,” “International Critical Thought,” & “Review of Radical Political Economics.” His research interests include: comparative economic systems; transitional economy; political, social and geopolitical dynamic in modern Russia; globalization and its discontents; problems of modern imperialism; exploitation of creative activity; role of macroeconomic planning and selective state regulation in modern economies. Title or abstract: Sasha Buzgalin will treat little-known workers' participation in management in the USSR & in Russia’s 50 collective firms today - most of which a sociological study finds to be socially & economically effective