The Mawina Kouyyate Award 2015 Recipient and The Momz That Rock 2014 Recipient, Sister Beatrice X, aka Auntie B, is the wife of Uncle Bobby Johnson and the aunt of Oscar Grant. She is a member of the Nation Of Islam. She has been involved with activism since the early age of 10. Sister Beatrice first police terrorism activism case was at the age 22 years old. Auntie B was part of the activism and protesting behind Sagon Penn, twice acquitted in the shooting of two San Diego police officers in a racially charged case that sharply exposed the divide between the police and the Black community. Beatrice X is a community organizer, activist, and an extremely caring mother that bring love and emotional support to mother’s and family members. Sister Beatrice embodies completely and dynamically each and everyday, a beautiful spirit and a clear understanding, to her vision of the revolutionary path of Love by the spirit of African culture. If we all walk in her spirit we are sure to reach our objective as a organization that was founded to work with families that has suffered the traumatic experience of gun violence, whether by police officers, security officers, or community violence. Sister Beatrice works to bring about an atmosphere of social justice and family relationship throughout the United States.