Bernard White began his work association with WBAI as a reporter in the newsroom. He was seen at the station every day for a year learning as much as he could about every aspect of radio and radio production. Finally he got the opportunity to host his own radio program "Emanations" . "Emanations" was an interactive radio program that focused on important issues of interest to African people and people of conscious. Racism, police brutality, apartheid, a dissection of imperialism, an expose of a people's view of history and a radical critique of capitalism were topics discussed during each program. In 1992, Bernard was hired as the co-host of "Wakeup Call", a morning magazine with co-host Amy Goodman. Together they reported on important local, national and international issues. Each morning they came into our homes and cars an exposed an demystified complex issues in a way that gave listeners a better understanding of the world. Although it covered news from around the world it was very community oriented. The Black community as well as other local communities could hear itself speak in its own voice about issues they believed were important. They interviewed everyone from heads of state to heads of local community organizations. They tackled all issues. During this period, "Wakeup Call" won numerous local and national award. What added a special spark to "Wakeup Call" was the way in which Mr. White both sensitively and creatively wrapped the morning in a blanket of music which very pointedly related to topics being covered on the show daily. "Wakeup Call" became the most popular radio morning program in the history of WBAI until there was a sudden 13 month vacation. However, after a long struggle which was won, Bernard and those who had also been fired and banned from this free speech, listener-sponsored, non-commercial radio station were returned to the air waves on Jan. 15, 2002. The quality of programming returned to its former quality and strength. After the sudden death of Program Director Samori Marksman, Bernard became Program Director. Although until recently Mr White has said very little about it, he became the victim of a barrage of vicious and racist attacks, received thousands of hate email which attempted to assassinate his character similiar to that practiced by the U.S. government via COINTELPRO. Through all of this Bernard White has been able to hold it together and continue to conduct himself with honesty and dignity. He continues to speak out about WBAI, Pacifica and paving a way for BAI to move in to the future.