Brandon Rey Ramirez is a co-chair of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA)’s national Immigrant Rights Committee and a co-chair of the DSA Los Angeles Chapter’s Immigration Justice Committee (IJC). First joining DSA at Temple University YDS in 2010, Ramirez has been involved in various leadership roles including Communications Director of the Los Angeles Chapter following the 2016 election. While attending Temple, Ramirez became involved in the fight for immigration justice, volunteering at an immigrant and refugee non-profit, and advocating for the DREAM Act.

As co-chair of DSA’s Immigrant Rights Committee, Ramirez coordinated DSA’s direct action turnout and media amplification in the Our Dream coalition in 2017. After the federal government’s “separation of families,” policy caught national attention in 2018, Ramirez proposed and coordinated the national Week of Action to Abolish ICE. Ramirez has also led direct action trainings for chapters across the country.