Camille Cier is a photographer who works in Paris. She was an optician first and became a photographer thanks to her friends. Woman of the generation X, she photographs her own interrogations, like the loneliness and the relation to the others. Some abandon houses were her frame, she is a traveler thanks to that’s she uses thecrossed place as start .Thanks to this cross place , she narrates the buried (secret) neurosis and automation of the woman. She starts with a movement, to create a performance with her model, just for one picture.
The performance shows the solitude. Her images are purified of everything, with an intense light and with an object maybe a cuddly toy, these women are interrogating what they are doing and who they are. Her exchange between the model the artist and the spectator and the model is at the heart of her statement as the artist. A game of a face to face or maybe just a mirror.