In 2010, this Native Californian, Graphic Artist, Mother and inconsequential Anarchist never expected to serve as the leader of a political group when she joined the local Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) organizing committee convened by Jack Rothman. Carol Newton missed the wave of action created by the New Left in 1968 while moving from frustrating agency art direction to gratifying freelance graphic design. But for a brief attempt in 1969 to create an artist guild in Los Angeles to address the unfair treatment of freelance artists, Carol held no labor activism reputation except her work ethic. Many years of social justice self-education led Carol to join DSA in 2005. Ad hoc political action with Neighbors for Change to fight for Single Payer during the 2009 battle for the Affordable Care Act ignited a passionate mother’s resolve to help to restore the tattered safety net we all enjoyed until the late 1970s. Carol’s participation in the organizing committee yielded an opportunity to develop a local chapter and to serve as Chair. Leadership experience inspired her to choose a new - and very obvious - direction for DSA’s organizing: emphasizing recruitment of young people in any and all places young activists congregated. People would say: “I see you everywhere.” When the Sanders wave propelled DSA chapters to action, and the Trump phenomenon activated thousands, Carol and the Los Angeles chapter of DSA were ready to welcome them.