Chris Robson will present on the California Democratic Council, a chartered affiliation of the California State Democratic Party whose purpose is to support Democratic Clubs and grassroots organizing. In February, he was elected Executive Vice President of the California Democratic Council. The Chartered Club. YES WE CAN­ Long Beach, of which he has been president since 2009, joined CDC in 2015. His former Chartered Club, the Camarillo Democratic Club, joined the CDC in 2005, where he served as Past-President, (2004-2007). Additionally, he has been an officer of the Ventura County Stonewall Democrats and the Long Beach lambda Democratic Club. He served as the area as Regional Organizing Lead for Hillary for Long Beach. Prior to the June 2016 Primary, he was Co-Lead of Long Beach Area for Bernie. He meets all the California Democratic Party's non-discrimination, affirmative action and inclusiveness standards and is an openly gay community activist, who at 73, is opposed to all forms of ageism. As a proven leader in the most recent ADEM 70 election and activist organizer and co-founder of BLUE REVOLUTION CALIFORNIA, he offers visible activist representation of his region within Los Angeles County and the state of California.