Since 2006,, Dan Coughlin has served as President & CEO of Manhattan Neighborhood Network. building the local community access TV facility into the naion's largest Community Media Center offering a wide-range of media production and education services in two Manhattan locations. Dan has a strong and varied background in non-profit, mission-driven media. From 1992-1996, he worked for Inter Press Service (IpS) Third World News Agency as a reporter and editor. He was based out of U.N. headquarters in New York, covering the U.. Security Council and managing copy from Ottawa, Washington and the United Nations. From 1995-19, he was stationed in Port Au Prince, Haiti, where he hired a team of reporters an established an IPS bureau in the Caribbean country. Following IPS, he held various national programming positions at the five-station Pacifica Radio Network, serving as the producer of the daily news magazine "Democracy Now!" and then as Pacifica Radio News Director. From 2002-2005, he served as President and CEO of Pacifica Radio, leading the California-base organization through the largest an most rapid expansion in audience and revenues in the network's 0-year history. Over the course of his tenure at MNN, the organization has doubled its studio, editing and classroom capacity and tripled its revenues and community engagement. MNN has also established itself as the largest media education center in NYC with more than 1, 200 enrollees annually.