Deanna Joseph of Tampa, FL is a mother, therapist and advocate acting on behalf of the rights of children, families and those of developmental disabilities. Mrs. Joseph a native of New Orleans, Louisiana prior to Hurricane Katrina earned a Bachelor’s Degree from Grambling State University and a Master’s Degree from Southern University of New Orleans and has engaged in practice within private, state and clinical settings. The acclamation of this experience has exceeded more than 20 years of services to the community and family system desiring her expertise. Mrs. Joseph in her work and cross country travels has acquired the knowledge and foresight to engage and foster advance conversations about a vast array of issues relevant to the Black diaspora and the resolve towards justice and accountability of her deceased 14 year old son Andrew Joseph, III failed by a multifaceted distorted system and the cohorts of many black families who are recovering from the mistreatment of their children by the criminal justice system and the school districts around the world. Mrs. Joseph life work and dedication has been to increase the visibility of a functional family life and the parenting of healthy children in this world of constant complexity.