Jacqueline Lawrence is the mother of police homicide victim, Keith Childress, Jr., who was the last person known to be killed by law enforcement in the US. He was killed in broad daylight in a private neighborhood in Las Vegas. He was unarmed and was carrying a cell phone. The US Marshall had put out a false alert that Childress was wanted for attempted murder and was armed and dangerous, which he was neither. Childress leaves behind a very large family including three young daughters.
Jacqueline became introduced to Families United 4 Justice, a nationwide coalition of families impacted by police violence, through the Forced
Trajectory Project, who reach out to her when her son was killed. She soon became featured in the project and currently her story is being put
together for a new series called, “Residuum” produced by Forced Trajectory Project and published on Change Wire, an online publication by the Center for Community Change. She currently has a wrongful death lawsuit against the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police department for the murder of her son.